My vision of underlying reality. $5 each or 5 for $20.

SPC 009 ShadowsSPC 013 OhmSPC 015 city treeSPC 016 moonSPC 029 flowers














SPC 030 sunbeamSPC 032 hibiscusSPC 033 toddler













SPC 034 SandJSPC 037 tree












Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring IslandSalt Spring Island seen through my eyes, featuring lines of my poetry.They are $5 each or 5 for $20.Postcard back31
32 Baker.roots13 Clouds12 Teal tree finger clouds14 Sydney tree15 Fairy16 Sunset17 White Rhododendron18 Crofton19 Baker green20 Burgoyne21 Baker beach rocks22 bw sunset23 Sunflower24 Golden ferry vista25 Fulford fog26 Foo27 Max clouds28 Barb's sky29 Fulford greenery30 Baker tree

01 Maxwell with circle clouds

02 Leaving Victoria03 Ferry04 Fulford05 Baker beach07 Free Book Exchange08 Ganges09 North End Farm10 Mighty Tulip11 Beach